Minneapolis Kennel Club


About the Minneapolis Kennel Club

 Founded in 1933, the Minneapolis Kennel Club is one of the oldest kennel clubs in Minnesota. Its mission is to further the advancement of all breeds of purebred dogs, to advance the interests of dog shows and obedience trials, and to encourage sportsmanship at such events.

The Minneapolis Kennel Club conducts chipping clinics, educational meetings and seminars , sanctioned matches,an annual all-breed dog show and an obedience trial. The club is an active donor to the purebred dog community.


Upcoming Events:

On September 16, MKC will have its regular meeting at Richfield Community Center beginning at 7:30 PM.This meeting will be a good time to catch up on conformation show planning. Rumor has it that there will be fabulous treats, too.

Annual conformation show planning is well underway. The show dates are November 22 and 23 at Canterbury Park. We are very excited at the prospect of a new, larger (24,000 square feet of open space) facility, but as is always the case when a new layout is required, the first year is usually a challenge. Please feel free to contact anyone on the MKC Board if you are able to help; there’s always need for an extra set of hands/legs during the very busy show weekend!


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