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About the Minneapolis Kennel Club

 Founded in 1933, the Minneapolis Kennel Club is one of the oldest kennel clubs in Minnesota. Its mission is to further the advancement of all breeds of purebred dogs, to advance the interests of dog shows and obedience trials, and to encourage sportsmanship at such events.

The Minneapolis Kennel Club conducts chipping clinics, educational meetings and seminars , sanctioned matches,an annual all-breed dog show and an obedience trial. The club is an active donor to the purebred dog community.


All Breed Show:

The MKC Annual All-breed Show will be held November 22 and 23 at Canterbury Park. We are very excited at the prospect of a new, larger (24,000 square feet of open space) facility. Parking is still free. The show judging schedule is online. On Saturday, judging begins at 9:00 AM; on Sunday, it begins at 8:00 AM. If you are planning to attend the show, it is important to look at the judging schedule, identify which breeds you want to see and the time they are being judged. Once dogs are judged, most are done showing for the day. You don't want to be disappointed by arriving after the dogs you are interested in have already shown. On Sunday, many of the dogs will leave right after they have shown. Group judging will start at 2:45 on Saturday and 1:45 on Sunday. Best in Show judging will follow the group judging.

Over 30 vendors will be displaying and selling dog-related products at the show. There will be a Meet the Breeds display featuring various breeds. This is a good opportunity to ask breeders and exhibitors questions about the featured breeds. The Minneapolis Kennel Club will have a booth where you can ask directions or general questions.

The show site will be available for vendors to set up on Friday, November 21, after 1:00 PM. The show site will be available for exhibitors to set up on Friday, November 21, after 3:00 PM.

Upcoming Events:

Mark your calendars: MKC's Annual Meeting and Holiday Party will be on Tuesday, December 9, at the Fort Snelling Officer's Club. Dinner will be served at 7:30; appetizers and a cash bar will begin at 6:30. The cost for MKC members is $20 and for guests $25. All members should have received information about the holiday party. If you did not, please contact Florence Brown. RSVP no later than December 2 to Florence Brown.


Nominations for the 2015 Board:

  • President: Larry Mackai
  • Vice-President: Scott Jacobsen
  • Secretary: Peggy Gerold
  • Treasurer: Marilyn Cathcart
  • Board Members: Ralph Hogancamp, Paul Hussa, Dick Rueter

2015 dues ($10 a member) can be sent to Marilyn Cathcart, MKC Treasurer, at any time.


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